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  • SUGAR WARNING: Teens drink equivalent of almost a BATH full of sugary drinks every year

    TEENAGERS drink the equivalent of almost a bath full of sugary drinks every year, a charity has warned. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Tue, Nov 22, 2016 GETTY Teenagers drink the equivalent of almost a bath full of sugary drinks every year, a charity warned New figures from Cancer Research UK suggest those aged 11 to ...

  • Michael Bay Is Saying Farewell to 'Transformers' with 'The Last Knight'

    For years now, Michael Bay has threatened/teased that each new Transformers sequel he directs could be his last. But here we are with Transformers: The Last Knight arriving this summer, his fifth film in the toy franchise. However, this time rather than offhandedly mentioning that this might be his last ...

  • School Appalled With Troublemaker Student, Sends Unintentionally Hilarious Letter to His Dad

    I think the best course of action for Dad here is to write a sincere letter back, asking the school what exactly a dildo is? Let's milk this ridiculous situation for all it's worth. Long live Wildo the Dildo, may he live a long and fruitful existence being a perpetual ...

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